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We're confident we offer the best pricing. If you can prove us wrong by bringing in a written quote for less, we'll match it - that's our promise!

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Average Fee $2450

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How can it cost less?

Our business model removes the most expensive part of orthodontic treatment:
face-to-face doctor time.

Orthodontist Needed
Few Orthodontic Office Visits
Office Visits
Less Cost
Invisalign Will Make You Smile

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Pricing Q & A:

Isn't Invisalign more expensive than braces?
Not necessarily: in fact it is just as likely to be less costly than more costly! That's because invisalign sometimes works faster than braces and, in those instances, we charge a lower fee than we would with braces.
I am an adult, does that make treatment more difficult and therefore more costly?
Depends: generally speaking adult teeth and bone are more resistant to movement, but you would be surprised at what we can do in a short amount of time: less time = less cost!
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Before and after Clear Convenience Invisalign

55 year old patient, completed in 6 months!

What are your fee ranges?
$1475 - $2950 depending on complexity. Average cost is $2450.
How long does treatment take?
Average time is 6 months.
Am I really better off going with you guys over some other companies I see online?
Yes, no doubt, for sure, indubitably ;-)
What are your payment plans?
We allow you to spread your payments out over 6 months, interest free!
Am I losing out on quality?
No, with a free "Refinement" included in your treatment, you can be sure you will get a nice result.
What's a Refinement?
A Refinement means an additional set of aligners after you have exhausted the initial set.
So is there any reason not to move forward?
Not that we can think of! At least you might as well come in for a free consult!

We look forward to seeing you soon!

How much does Invisalign Cost?
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