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Smile Experience

We are the #1 Clear Teeth Straightening option for you and we have Experienced Orthodontists using Certified Invisalign material!


We are the only diamond plus Invisalign provider in Wisconsin which means we are #1 in experience. EVERYONE is a canditate at Bubon Orthodontics!


Other DIY Companies like Smile Direct Club, don't expand arches and can't offer customize options like polishing/slenderizing teeth or attachments for precise movements!


We use the most advanced technology and scan your teeth for the best fit! No messy impressions. Which means our aligners actually fit, unlike others! If your retainers don't fit, your teeth don't move!

Why Clear Convenience by Bubon Orthodontics is Your #1 Choice!

• VIP Diamond Plus Invisalign Provider

• Treatment From Orthodontic Specialist

• Virtual or In-Person Communication

• Average 60% Less Treatment Cost

• Flexible 0% APR In-House Finance Plans

• Invisalign’s Patented SmartTrack™ Material

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