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Not all clear aligner companies the same…

Consumers don’t realize that there are big differences between clear aligner manufacturers. The standard was and still is set by Invisalign™. No company has put more resources into research and development than Invisalign. No company is better at getting patients the smile they want than Invisalign and no on-line company – yes we mean NO on-line companies are using a true Invisalign product. Invisalign doesn’t sell direct to consumer. So if your aligners are coming to you by mail, you are not getting Invisalign and so you are not getting the best.

What makes Invisalign [and thus Clear Convenience] the best product?

1. MATERIAL: Invisalign™ is the only company using SmartTrack material. They own the patent on this material that took years to develop. It “hugs” the teeth better and keeps its shape longer [doesn’t distort with continued removal and replacement in the mouth]. It’s more comfortable and doesn’t impinge on a patient’s gum tissue.

2. SOFTWARE: Invisalign™ has the most sophisticated software. It can detect bite discrepancies and warn the doctor that certain movements may cause bite issues. It also has the ability to expand the dental arches allowing more space for crowded teeth and restoring “collapsed”, “dished-in” smiles back to their youthful appearance! On-line competitors don’t expand the back of the dental arch so you can’t get that nice broad smile. Instead they just tip the front teeth forward to gain space and this can lead to gum recession and bite issues (you end up biting only on your front teeth)!

What makes Clear Convenience superior to other on-line, DIY companies?

3. iTero SCANNERS: We scan every patient with the fastest and best 3-D scanners available: don’t even think about doing mail-order impressions! Nothing beats the accuracy of the latest 3-D scanners for generating comfortably fitting and more effective aligners! (Not to mention eliminating the gagging and drooling that can accompany impression taking)

4. ATTACHMENTS: ever try to do Rock Climbing without the aid of those toe and hand-gripping ledges? It doesn’t work well! The same principles apply in moving teeth with clear aligners! Teeth “track” [move properly] more easily if tiny, inconspicuous tooth-colored “attachments” are place on select teeth by a trained professional. This obviously cannot be done remotely! It can make all the difference between teeth going in the direction they should vs. potentially getting worse!

5. IPR [Interproximal reduction]: in some patients, it just isn’t safe to try to fit all the teeth in without having a doctor “slenderize” the width of some teeth using fine dental “sand-paper” strips designed for safe, conservative enamel reduction. On-line companies can’t do this. They will either say you aren’t a candidate or excessively procline your front teeth towards your lip – bad for esthetics, gums and bite.

When people describe a face, they often refer to the eyes and the teeth. Studies show that beauty is greatly enhance [or detracted] by the look of the smile. And we all want our teeth to be healthy and last for our entire life! Don’t trust something so valuable to an off-sight company that lacks the ability to do it right the first time. Ignorance of the nuances of the teeth-straightening process is leading to wasted efforts by the consumer to get the smile they want.

Clear Convenience solves the issue! Straight teeth fast, affordable and in as little as two visits!

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