Get Your Smile Wedding Ready in 6 Months or Less

Wedding Ready Smile

Congratulations! You’ve found the ONE which means wedding planning is underway. Between designing the invitations, choosing your bridal party, and which venue to use, there is a lot going on. Understandably so, as it’s a day you’ll remember for the rest of your life!

Most likely you’ve planned everything down to the smallest detail. But have you considered your smile? We are not just talking about doing a quick whitening session, we mean changing your smile to one that you're not afraid to show off.

We know what you’re thinking “my wedding’s in 6 months, I don’t have the time or money for that!”. We’re here to assure you that you do. With Clear Convenience, Bubon Orthodontics discounted Invisalign program, we treat qualifying patients in 6 months or less!

That means your wedding day ready smile could be achieved sooner than you thought! With Invisalign’s technology, your teeth will be the final detail put into place for your big day. The best part? We know your schedule is busier now more than ever; you can complete your treatment in 2 office visits or less! Less time in our offices and more time to spend with your fiancé.

With Clear Convenience, you’ll have the smile of your dreams on your big day. We understand you may have some questions, so schedule your free consultation to see how you can achieve the smile of your dreams!

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