Why You Can Trust Clear Convenience with your smile!

You can Trust Clear Convenience Invisalign

Is there a doctor in the house?…

Are we coming to the point where a computer can replace a doctor? If you ever wanted to get your teeth straight, you may be wondering about these on-line companies that offer teeth-straightening without ever leaving your home. Does that really work? Is it that simple?

Like the answer to many medical-issue questions, the answer is “it depends.” And, as will be explained below, is why Bubon Orthodontics has launched Clear Convenience for patients in southeast Wisconsin who want their teeth straight.

It depends on what?

  • How crooked [or spaced] are your teeth?
  • Does your bite need fixing?
  • What software is being used?
  • What clear aligner material is being used?
  • Were you scanned with a 3-D scanner or just used impression material that was mailed to you?
  • Who evaluated your clinical records?

It’s a fact that many people are being financially “scammed” if not dentally harmed by on-line orthodontic companies. These companies contract with a doctor [who may not be an orthodontist and likely doesn’t even live in the state where they are being treated] to have him or her remotely review the patient’s records. These doctors only get paid if the patient is approved and moves forward with treatment. After that, the doctor is disengaged from the patient. Any issues or complaints that occur during treatment are sent a faceless Company Complaint Department where a partial refund is the best the client may expect to achieve.

We have seen in our offices many of these dissatisfied customers. In many instances, it was evident that the treatment approved by the doctor could not possibly have succeeded. (We had one poor unhappy young woman come to our office having wasted her money at Smile Direct Club who clearly needed teeth extracted as part of her orthodontic treatment! I don’t think that’s getting done remotely from her home! Another patient had his case approved by Smile Direct Club even though the computer simulation clearly showed that major gum recession would occur on his lower anterior teeth if he wore all of his aligners. How are they getting away with this? I suppose some people shrug it off and say to themselves “what did I expect for such a low fee on-line service?” and they chalk it up to a “life-lesson” and move on – eventually getting to an orthodontic office like ours.

All this brings us to Clear Convenience-- a new product line at Bubon Orthodontics designed to offer much lower cost clear aligner therapy to patients without the inherent risks of completely remote treatment. At Bubon Orthodontics, we have seen first-hand too many instances of how the national DIY [Do-It-Yourself] model has not been serving the consumer as well. At the same time, we fully recognize the demand for teeth straightening at a much lower cost and one which requires much less office visits.

We now have a system in place in all of our 16 locations for providing this service. You can be guaranteed that your treatment will work and that the doctor providing the diagnosis and treatment planning of your case is an expert in Invisalign and that Bubon Orthodontics will ensure you get a successful outcome regardless of how your teeth look at the start! (Granted if you need teeth pulled you probably will need braces instead of Invisalign trays).

We do more Invisalign treatment than anyone in the state and all of our doctors are local and committed to maintaining our good reputation. A consultation is free, quick and easy. There’s no need to take risks! You can save time, money and still be guaranteed to have the confident smile you want!

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