The New Age of Orthodontics: more convenient than ever!

Itero technology in Milwaukee

Convenience is king…

The orthodontic appliances and treatment options of my residency in the late 1980’s was vastly inferior to the modern appliances and treatment advancements that are offered today. It’s what allows Bubon Orthodontics to offer our new product line Clear Convenience.

Remember the original iPhone? It was so cool! What an awesome screen! User friendly --way better than the Blackberry! That was barely more than 10 years ago. But within that relatively short 10-year time span, iPhones have far advanced technologically from those original models.

The same kind of technological advancements have been developing in the world of orthodontics. After computers came digital imaging [x-rays and photography] followed by 3-D imaging, 3-D radiography and 3-D printing. These major changes, occurring so rapidly one after another, have been for the betterment of both patient and doctor in the world of teeth-straightening.

Specifically, clear aligner therapy directly resulted from these advances. Before, metal had to be glued to your teeth to “get the job done right”. Now, clear, almost invisible thin plastic aligners can do the job [in the hands of a knowledgeable doctor].

But does the doctor really have to be there? Not anymore, at least not for all patients! Enhanced remote communication is making “tele-orthodontics” a reality. Doctors can now diagnose and treatment plan a patient from a remote location and monitor ongoing treatment [remotely] after aligners have been administered to the client by a trained technician.

As we said at the beginning, new technology is what led us to start Clear Convenience: a more affordable, convenient method for getting your teeth straight. Appointment scheduling can be in real time because it no longer has to be coordinated with the doctor’s schedule and costs are reduced because “doctor time” is a big part of an orthodontic office’s overhead.

Not everyone can be treated safely and effectively in remote fashion, but virtually everyone can be treated with Invisalign [the true Invisalign™ not a “knock off”]. Orthodontic practices that focus on providing Invisalign treatment are well-equipped to use this ever-evolving technology to treat a wide variety of patients of different ages and conditions.

It’s a great time for those who want a happier, healthier smile! And at Bubon Orthodontics, we are taking full advantage of advances in technology to serve our clients better!

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