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Our Story

Clear Convenience by Bubon Orthodontics, the largest privately owned orthodontic business in Southeast Wisconsin, was established to serve the needs of Waukesha, WI in 1993 - on the corner of Moreland and Springdale Rd. Currently headquartered on the corner of Bluemound Rd. and Springdale Rd. (next to Sam’s Club).

The need in our community led us to start Clear Convenience in 2018. As “remote treatment” or DIY (“do it yourself”) treatment became increasingly popular, the doctors at Bubon Orthodontics decided to explore what was driving this trend. It was clear (no pun intended) that the motives for DIY orthodontics were lower cost (people who didn’t want to spend up to $5,000 for straightening teeth that were not that crooked) and more convenience (less office visits) because people are busy.

We decided we can offer both of those features without compromising quality. What’s more, we were confident we could do a better job than the national companies because we are local and have advantages that the “big guys” don’t have (even though our marketing budget is much smaller)! As stated elsewhere on this site, our advantages include: true Invisalign software and material, highly experienced Invisalign doctors doing your treatment plan, and a number of scanning locations all around Southeast Wisconsin. Quite frankly, we also saw a lot of patients who were treated by the national companies and had less-than-satisfactory results, so we felt we were serving a niche in Wisconsin: people who want safe, effective, and affordable treatment for minor teeth spacing or crowding.

Thus, Clear Convenience was born – by identifying what customers want and figuring out how to meet those desires! We are proud to be serving smiles in Wisconsin this way!