How Clear Convenience Works Low Cost Invisalign
Step 1

Call or book online. Remember: either way, we can get you in the same day! No DIY company can offer that in Wisconsin!

Step 2

Choose from any of 15 locations. Pick your day or time M-F 9am-5pm. Now that's convenient!

Get Started!

When you arrive at your selected "Scan Center" - the office that will scan your teeth and take your orthodontic photos.

After getting started, an orthodontic technician will:

  • Answer your concerns
  • Take full orthodontic records, including a 3D scan (FREE and no obligation)
  • Immediately forward those records to one of our #1 Invisalign doctors who will review them
  • Tell you the treatment plan, including the time and cost it will take to get you that new smile!

Did you know?

  • Most cases are completed in less than 6 months. The average fee is $2450.
  • The entire appointment takes less than an hour! Say "yes" and your smile journey begins instantly!
  • You can have your aligners in less than 3 weeks! No other company or private practice can process that fast!
  • A local technician and doctor will monitor your treatment throughout.
  • We are always available to answer questions and concerns - every day M-F!
  • Milwaukee:Downtown
  • Wauwatosa:Near Mayfair Mall
  • Milwaukee:Near Airport
  • Brookfield:By Ruby Isle Shopping Center
  • Milwaukee:On South 27th St.
  • Mequon:½ Mile North of Mequon Rd. on Port Washington Rd.
  • Wales:On Summit Avenue near Kettle Moraine High School
  • Oconomowoc:¼ Mile North of Hwy 94 and Hwy 67
  • Johnson Creek:¼ Mile South of Hwy94 and Hwy 26
  • Franklin:Intersection of Loomis and Drexel
  • Muskego:Intersection of Janesville Rd & Racine Ave.
  • Hartford:On Grand Ave.
  • West Bend:Near Good Shepard Lutheran Church & School & West High School
  • Waukesha:By Sam's Club and "The Corners" Shopping Center
How Clear Aligners Works

To make the right decision, you need to be an educated consumer. So, there's more you should know:

Scans vs Impressions: All companies and orthodontists know that scans are far superior to impressions for creating an accurate model of your teeth. The more accurate the 3D rendering of your teeth, the better your aligners fit and feel. Your smile result will be better and getting there will be more comfortable. Besides, no one likes taking impressions on themselves - messy & gaggy!

Not all aligners are alike: We use only Invisalign brand products (not knock-off products). Invisalign is the standard for orthodontic aligner therapy. They have patented software and material that is better than their competitors. Better product = better result.

Don't try this at home: Some procedures can only be done by a doctor If these procedures are omitted in certain cases, the patient will not get the desired result. This explains the many failures with online DIY companies. These patients end up coming to us to fix or complete what the DIY company failed to accomplish.

How Fast Invisalign Works

Don't waste your money

Get it done right the first time!

(Granted, not everyone needs to see a doctor in person to get their teeth straight, but let Wisconsin's #1 Invisalign provider tell you what you need as opposed to a faceless national entity.)

Once is not enough: Even with the best doctors and the best 3D software and materials, teeth don't always move as planned. That's due to variations in biology or could be because the patient didn't wear their aligners like they should have!

Regardless of the reason, we allow you to get an additional set of aligners at no charge, no questions asked, if you are not completely satisfied after your first round of aligners! No DIY offers that!

Experience Matters: Moving teeth with clear aligners requires special knowledge that orthodontists have acquired through years of additional training and education. It's what we do all day, every day. Don't trust your teeth to an inexperienced online doctor with perhaps little experience and no "skin in the game." The doctors at Clear Convenience are all rated the #1 Invisalign providers in the state of Wisconsin and rank in the top 1% nationally. We are right here for you to make sure you get the smile you were expecting!

Trust local. Trust your smile to us!