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Our fees are better than other DIY companies.

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We guarantee our results.

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Treatment is directed by the #1 Invisalign doctors in Wisconsin.

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Only two office visits over six months.

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Yes, we really believe we are the best overall!

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You receive your custom treatment plan and cost at your initial visit. No other DIY company can do that. Choose any office, any time, any day.


Our quality is unmatched among non-traditional clear aligner companies. We use the best 3D imaging available. Thus, your aligners will work better and be more comfortable (no messy impression material)!


Our average case fee is $2450 - comparable to other at-home orthodontic companies. But with Clear Convenience you get more:

  • Retainers
  • Whitening
  • Extra aligners

Why wait? We are clearly the
best choice for a new smile!

We are...
Clear Convenience is Experts in Invisalign
Better · Safe · Local
Benefits Clear Convenience Logo Others Private Practice Doctors
Low cost Check Mark YES NO
True Invisalign Product Check Mark NO NOT ALWAYS
Immediate appointments available Check Mark NO DOUBTFUL
Local Doctor you can contact Check Mark NO YES
Top 1% Invisalign doctor manages your treatment Check Mark NO NO
Can treat complex cases Check Mark NO YES
Interest free payment plans Check Mark NO NOT ALWAYS
We process insurance for you Check Mark NO YES
at cost
Retainers included Check Mark NO YES
Whitening included Check Mark NOT ALWAYS NO
Free set of additional aligners if needed Check Mark NO NOT ALWAYS
Free orthodontic records included 3-D scan Check Mark NOT ALWAYS NOT ALWAYS

Why wait? We are clearly the
best choice for a new smile!

DIY smile straightening using clear aligners has become all the rage over the last few years. Why? Time & Money! Everyone is looking for more time in their day and ways to keep more money in their wallets. Yet we all still seem to be running short on both time and cash. Getting the smile of your dreams at a low cost without having to schedule appointments or have regular office visits seems like a dream come true. Well – it can be if you turn to the experts!

Clear Conveneince Invisalign

From what we’ve heard from our patients and community members that have given “the other guy” a try, that dream can quickly turn into a nightmare when things aren’t done right. After hearing countless horror stories, we finally said “enough is enough”!

Clear Convenience, by Bubon Orthodontics, was designed to give our community an affordable and local option that allows for both expert care and the convenience of straightening your smile at home. Using Invisalign clear aligners, our doctors will oversee your smile transformation and give you the smile of your dreams in 6 months or less, with an average of only two office visits!

Invisalign Experience You Can Trust

With Clear Convenience, straightening your smile is fast, easy, and affordable! We use Invisalign’s patented material and software, which is the best clear aligner technology in the industry. Our expert care team takes a 3D scan of your smile to ensure accuracy as well as convenience. “The other guys” often use cheap plastic aligners and goopy impression material (which is both disgusting and challenging to accurately do yourself). Inferior materials lead to underwhelming results.

When you trust Clear Convenience, you’re trusting Bubon Orthodontics – your local Invisalign experts. DIY smile companies have been popping up all over the place in the last few years. They’re new and exciting, but is that really what you want to base a medical decision on?

Bubon Orthodontics was founded in 1993 and our team of doctors have over 50 years of combined experience. We have straightened more smiles using Invisalign than any other provider in Wisconsin. Choosing Bubon Orthodontics means you’re trusting experience, safety, and years of happy patients.

With 15 convenient locations throughout Southeastern Wisconsin, and a local care team always looking out for your health and safety, you can count on us to be there for you every step of the way!

Great Invisalign Results

On average, treatment with Clear Convenience lasts 6 months and costs $2,450. This is a better deal than what most other companies can offer you - and remember: our products, software and materials are the best. When you consider all these elements, plus expert doctors providing your diagnosis, the overall value becomes even better!

We are the only low cost Invisalign provider that will process insurance for you. We also offer interest free payment plans. "The other guys" charge interest.

Our consults are completely free (and can now be done virtually). In under an hour, you will receive full orthodontic records with an estimated quote and your customized treatment plan at no cost or obligation to you!

Want more? Your retainers are also free, and we offer free whitening as an added perk!

Clear Convenience is Experts in Invisalign

What are you waiting for?! Get the smile of your dreams with Clear Convenience today!

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